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week 43 - sell outs & new track. 

Wow. So I have finally sold out of my debut EP ‘Morning’s Pass’ and i’m so very grateful to everyone who purchased or downloaded a copy. Thanks listeners! As a way of saying thank you I posted up a new track to my soundcloud — www.soundcloud.com/umbermusic

Also, this weeks track I had no direction so it’s a bit fadey. Hope you enjoy it anyway! 

Enjoy :-) 


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week 42 - radio shows & concert drones

Bonjour. This is week 42. It’s the 42nd week of my song a week project. The idea is to record a track and post it up on the interweb for you to listen to… every week. I also tend to tag these song/posts with the most ludacris tags. ‘Death’ ‘Metal’ & ‘Dolphin’ has been my favourite so far. 

I am also playing a show in Sheffield UK tomorrow. Go to www.facebook.com/umbermusic to find out a little bit more info. Thanks. 

Enjoy :-) 

p.s Fosters is a rubbish lager. 


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week 41 - festivals & salou

So this weeks track is a little late because I have been sunning it up in the lovely Spain for my friends birthday. We drank beer, we ate food, we got sunburnt. Y’know, your usual ‘summer’ holiday. This track took about 2-3 hours to write and record as you can probably tell but I reckon it’s okay…

As for my next EP, it’s all shaping up real nicely :-) I’ve got 5 tracks for it, all of which are quite droney and ambient (compared to my previous works). I just have some piano to record (again) and then get it mastered/find a label and then bloody release it :-) 

I tend to talk more on here too https://twitter.com/umber_music

Cheers and Enjoy :-) 


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week 40 - pollens a bitch

Does anybody suffer from hayfever out there? I’m sure some of you will and will know that it’s the destroyer of summer. I was told today that my beard of roughly 3 months will be collecting all the pollen and making hay fever worse for me, resulting in me having to shave it off. Today is a sad day.

Oh! Here’s week 40. 

Enjoy :-)

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week 39 - guitar & harmonium

This weeks track was initially going to be an outro to a track off my upcoming EP but as most of the tracks are quite slow and ambient I thought it would contrast against the majority of the EP. Speaking of which, I am very near to completing this one. One track to finish off and then hurrah! Music!  

Enjoy :-)